There is a scammer on Telegram who offers Bitcoin investments. The name of this man is Satoshi Ethan on Telegram. His Telegram ID isĀ @Mastersbitcoin. He has a channel also named CYPTO ARBITRAGE PLATFORM where he offers his fake investment packages. Telegram link: After you'll send your money to this criminal, he'll ask more money and you'll never get your money back. Their scam website link is

The trick is: he will share a lot of fake images about other people and link for other BTC transactions from others. He shows attractive investment plans with smaller amount. After you sent your money he'll ask more as he'll tell the minimum investment is not $100 or $300 but $5000. He'll not send your money back despite of if it would be a real trading account then you should be able to withdraw your money.

if you don't want to lose your money NEVER send money to this criminal!